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The Cost of Ordination: Becoming Ordained Online

How much does wedding minister ordination cost? Here is our regularly-updated overview of several of the most popular Wedding Officiant ordination services offered online, showing their fees and minister license term lengths:




American Fellowship Church One Year $45
American Marriage Ministries Lifetime? $40
Christian Harvest Church Lifetime $78
First Nation Ministry  One Year¹ $11
Open Ministry Lifetime Free²
United National Ministry Not Stated $89.99³
ULC Monastery  Lifetime? $39.994

Click on church/religious organization name (above) to reach their website.

1 — Basic (single-ceremony) ordination offered at $10.95/year; unlimited ordination offered at $16/year. Renewable at a discounted fee, including ongoing professional certification as Wedding Officiant.

2 — Fee charged for “hard copy” Wedding Officiant Credential Package; does not include Letter of Good Standing (required in several states; additional $15.99 fee). Upgradeable online credentials, 24/7 support, minister directory and state officiant laws also offered.

3 — Wedding Ministry Package; Basic ordination package available at $59.99. Requires adherence to Christian statement of faith.

4 — Does not include Letter of Good Standing (required in several states; additional fee).

Do you have updated information on these services, or have an ordination service that should be included? Please let us know!